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Save the date! iADH International Conference, Acapulco. 23rd-26th September 2020. More details to follow with great opportunities to present internationally!  

The Teachers Group is an active group of the Society which encourages networking between members teaching SCD to undergraduates, postgraduates and DCPs. Its members include representatives from most Dental Schools and DCP representatives.

The group meets once a year, before the May Scientific meeting to share teaching experiences and good practice.  The teachers group of BSDH have produced guidance on core content and specified learning outcomes for an undergraduate curriculum in Special Care Dentistry. The learning outcomes are mapped to those of the GDC (2012) document ‘Preparing for Practice’ and are based on the international core guidance on undergraduate curricula in Special Care Dentistry produced by iADH.

The specification of learning outcomes is not intended to dictate the level of teaching in Special Care Dentistry but to assist schools in their own curriculum development.   The full document can be downloaded here.

Other resources:

For further details about the Teachers Group, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IADH Education

BSDH is involved in a vibrant international SCD education project, SCiPE, commissioned by IADH. Click the headline above to access information about the project.

Educational Mentors in Special Care Dentistry

There is a Mentor’s group for people undertaking postgraduate examinations in Special Care Dentistry. The Teachers Group of the British Society of Disability and Oral Health aims to encourage collaboration with the BDA CDS Group to increase the number of people who may be willing to help mentor individuals through various postgraduate courses. This was highlighted in a short entry in the BDA CDS Group Newsletter by Helen Pailthorpe in August 2007.

I hold a list of names of people from around the country, even in the depths of Wales, Scotland and Ireland who have agreed to become mentors. It is hoped that collaboration with experienced mentors would benefit those undertaking courses and may promote completion of postgraduate courses. I try and ‘marry’ up suitable mentors geographically (if possible) with a trainee. The mentoring arrangement is entirely voluntary, unpaid and should be mutually organised between the learner and mentor. This could involve help with study skills, finding web-based resourses and discussing challenges within Special Care Dentistry leading towards preparation for the various examinations.

Some individuals are unable to become mentors at present as they are examiners for the various postgraduate examinations, but may be able to help once they have completed their term as examiner. I am hopeful that participating in this educational activity as either mentor or trainee will benefit your own Continuing Professional Development and developing Specialists in Special Care Dentistry in the Mediation phase especially. If there are any individuals interested in becoming a mentor or trainee in this scheme, please could they contact me via email and complete form below.

Mentors Information

For further details about mentoring, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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