Content and style of manuscripts

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials should be reported using the CONSORT guidelines available at:

‘The CONSORT Statement is intended to improve the reporting of a randomized controlled trial (RCT), enabling readers to understand a trial's design, conduct, analysis and interpretation, and to assess the validity of its results. It emphasizes that this can only be achieved through complete transparency from authors. Investigators and editors developed and revised the CONSORT (CONsolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) Statement to help authors improve reporting of two-parallel design RCTs by using a checklist and flow diagram. The most up-to-date revision of the CONSORT Statement is CONSORT 2010, which can be freely viewed and downloaded from this website. All previous versions of the CONSORT Statement are out-dated. Extensions of the CONSORT Statement have been developed for other types of study designs, interventions and data’

A CONSORT checklist and flow diagram should also be included in the submission material. The Journal of Disability and Oral Health encourages authors submitting manuscripts reporting from a clinical trial to register the trials in any of the following free, public clinical trials registries: The clinical trial registration number and name of the trial register will then be published with the paper’.
Manuscripts must be accompanied by a statement that experiments were undertaken with the understanding and written consent of each subject and according to the above mentioned principles. A statement regarding the fact that the study has been independently reviewed and approved by an ethical board should also be included. This may be a Local Research Ethics Committee approval and the approval number should be included.
The Editor reserves the right to reject manuscripts if there are doubts as to whether appropriate procedures have been used in preparation of the manuscript.

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